We provide a wide range of legal services throughout Canada to Indigenous governments, Indigenous businesses, and non-Indigenous private enterprises.

Larocque Business Law specializes in unleashing the potential of communities, businesses, and entrepreneurs. With our comprehensive legal services, including start-up and financing, privacy and technology, corporate and commercial, and M+A matters, we ensure your growth is supported with efficiency, innovation, and a profound understanding of Indigenous rights.


Indigenous Governments

Our commitment to fostering strong relationships and promoting economic self-determination guides us as we offer a comprehensive suite of legal services tailored to the unique needs of Indigenous communities.


Indigenous Businesses

Rooted in a deep respect for Indigenous culture and traditions, we offer a range of specialized legal services tailored to the unique needs of Indigenous entrepreneurs and enterprises.


Private Businesses + Entrepreneurs

Our comprehensive legal services are tailored to the unique needs of start-ups and high-growth businesses, providing them with the guidance and expertise necessary to navigate the ever-evolving business landscape.


We believe in the immense potential of Indigenous governments and their communities. By combining legal expertise, cultural sensitivity, and a commitment to empowering self-determination, we are dedicated to serving as trusted partners in the journey towards sustainable growth, prosperity, and the preservation of Indigenous rights and interests.

Government-to-Government Agreements

As advocates for Indigenous self-governance, we understand the significance of Government-to-Government Agreements. Our legal experts work closely with Indigenous governments to craft robust, mutually beneficial agreements with federal, provincial, and territorial authorities. These agreements are designed to uphold the rights and sovereignty of Indigenous nations while facilitating effective collaboration and addressing critical issues such as land management, resource sharing, and cultural preservation.

Consultation and Accommodation

Recognizing the importance of meaningful consultation, we provide dedicated legal support to Indigenous governments throughout the consultation and accommodation process. Our experienced team assists in articulating the unique concerns and interests of our clients, ensuring their voices are heard in major projects and decisions that may impact their lands, resources, and rights. Through respectful and constructive engagement, we strive to secure fair and equitable outcomes that preserve Indigenous rights and interests.

Governance and Law/Policy Development

At Larocque Business Law, we recognize that strong governance is the bedrock of successful Indigenous communities. Our legal experts collaborate closely with Indigenous governments to develop robust governance structures that align with their cultural values and aspirations. We assist in crafting progressive laws and policies that empower Indigenous nations to assert control over their lands, resources, and institutions, fostering sustainable development and self-determination.


We understand the financial complexities faced by Indigenous governments in their pursuit of economic development. Our legal team offers expert guidance on financing options, including accessing government grants, private investments, and development partnerships. By identifying viable funding opportunities and navigating complex financial transactions, we support our clients in realizing their growth aspirations and advancing their economic prosperity.

Land and Infrastructure Development

With a deep understanding of the significance of land to Indigenous communities, we provide comprehensive legal support for land and infrastructure development initiatives. From conducting due diligence and title reviews to negotiating land agreements and handling regulatory processes, we ensure that our clients’ interests are safeguarded while they undertake transformative projects that benefit their communities.

Natural Resource Development

Natural resources hold immense potential for Indigenous communities to thrive economically and culturally. Our law firm offers expert counsel on natural resource development, including mining, forestry, oil and gas, and renewable energy projects. We help Indigenous governments negotiate fair and sustainable agreements with resource developers, ensuring that the benefits derived from these endeavors are shared equitably and contribute to long-term prosperity.


Navigating the complexities of taxation can be daunting for Indigenous governments. Our skilled tax advisors provide tailored strategies to optimize tax planning and compliance for our clients. Through careful analysis and collaboration, we seek to minimize tax burdens while maximizing opportunities for reinvestment in community initiatives and essential services.


At Larocque Business Law, we are driven by a shared vision of empowering Indigenous businesses to achieve their full potential. By combining our legal acumen with cultural sensitivity, we provide personalized, efficient, and results-oriented legal services. Our aim is to be steadfast allies on the path to success, cultivating an environment where Indigenous businesses can thrive, innovate, and contribute positively to their communities and the broader economy.

Corporate Organization and Reorganization

Our team of skilled legal experts collaborates closely with Indigenous businesses to structure and reorganize their corporate entities. With a keen eye for detail and a deep understanding of the legal landscape, we ensure that these businesses are equipped with a strong foundation to pursue their goals and navigate complexities with ease.

Governance and Policy Development

Recognizing the significance of robust governance structures, we work diligently with Indigenous businesses to develop and refine policies aligned with their cultural values and long-term aspirations. Our goal is to empower these enterprises to make informed decisions, foster transparency, and ensure sustainable growth.


We actively support Indigenous businesses in capitalizing on government procurement policies for sustainable growth and success by providing comprehensive guidance on navigating procurement processes, compliance, and dispute resolution. Through capacity-building initiatives, training, and advocacy, we empower Indigenous businesses to participate effectively in procurement opportunities. Our commitment extends to facilitating partnerships, joint ventures, and ensuring that contracts reflect the unique considerations and priorities of Indigenous communities.

Commercial Agreements

At Larocque Business Law, we understand the importance of secure and fair commercial agreements in business success. Our legal experts skillfully negotiate and draft a wide array of agreements, such as partnership and shareholder agreements, joint venture agreements, licensing agreements, and distribution agreements, to protect the interests of Indigenous businesses and foster productive partnerships.

Equity and Debt Financing

We recognize that access to financing is crucial for business expansion and innovation. To facilitate growth, our team assists Indigenous businesses in securing equity and debt financing, navigating intricate financial transactions, and optimizing funding opportunities for sustainable development.

Mergers and Acquisitions

During mergers and acquisitions, we stand by Indigenous businesses as trusted advisors, offering strategic guidance to ensure favorable outcomes. With a keen understanding of both the legal and cultural aspects, we navigate complex negotiations and transactions while safeguarding the legacy and values of our clients.

Business Development

Our commitment to the success of Indigenous businesses extends to business development strategies. We work collaboratively with economic development groups to identify growth opportunities, diversify revenue streams, and enter new markets, all while preserving cultural integrity and values.


At Larocque Business Law, we share in the excitement and passion of entrepreneurs and private businesses, partnering with them to achieve their goals. With a keen focus on innovation, efficiency, and ethical business practices, we are dedicated to helping businesses flourish and make a lasting impact in their industries. As trusted legal advisors, we strive to build long-lasting relationships, providing reliable support every step of the way.

Start-ups and High Growth Businesses

For ambitious entrepreneurs seeking to turn their innovative ideas into thriving enterprises, we offer dedicated legal support for start-ups and high-growth businesses. Our team assists in the formation of new ventures, providing crucial advice on business structures and strategies that set the stage for future success.

Corporate Organization and Reorganization

Understanding the significance of a strong foundation for long-term success, we work closely with businesses to establish and reorganize corporate structures. Our meticulous approach ensures compliance with legal requirements and positions businesses for scalability and adaptability in an ever-changing market.

Equity and Debt Financing

Access to capital is vital for driving growth, and we are skilled in assisting businesses in securing both equity and debt financing. Our team navigates complex financial transactions to ensure that our clients can make informed decisions and capitalize on opportunities for expansion.

Shareholder and Partnership Agreements

To foster collaboration and safeguard the interests of all stakeholders, we expertly draft and negotiate shareholder and partnership agreements. These agreements provide clarity on ownership, decision-making, and profit-sharing, promoting harmonious business relationships.

Commercial Agreements

Our lawyers are adept at negotiating and drafting various commercial agreements essential for business operations. Whether it’s supplier contracts, licensing agreements, or distribution arrangements, we protect our clients’ interests and enable seamless transactions.

Mergers and Acquisitions

During mergers and acquisitions, we serve as trusted advisors, guiding businesses through complex negotiations and transactions. Our focus on achieving favorable outcomes while mitigating risks ensures that clients’ interests are preserved throughout the process.

Shareholder and Partner Exits

In the event of shareholder or partner exits, we provide strategic advice to facilitate smooth transitions while protecting the continuity and stability of the business.

Succession Planning

For businesses planning for the future, our succession planning services ensure a seamless transfer of leadership and assets, preserving the legacy and vision of the business.

Privacy and Technology Matters

We understand the critical importance of privacy and technology in the modern business landscape. Our team provides proactive counsel on data protection, compliance with privacy laws, and leveraging technology for competitive advantage.

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